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Watchable film

posted on 2018-11-17 03:30pm

A happy-go-lucky graduate moves to the city in search of a job. When nothing seems to work out for him, he decides to become a taxi driver to make a living.He buys an old car and becomes a cab driver. Things take an U-turn when weird things start happening in his car and Shiva gets scared for his life and decides to dispose it off, rest of the story is continue.

Vijay Deverakonda performance and characterization is good and Heroine Priyanka looks good and shares a good chemistry with Vijay.It is so natural and so are the romantic turns.Other artists also did their job.A hospital scene in the second half evokes good comedy and Chammak Chandras performance is superb during this part.Few comedy scenes are highlight in the movie and a decent horror movie.production values are good and garage set is look good.Jakes Bejoy music is adequate, Maate Vinadhuga Vinadhuga song stands out. Sujiths cinemtography is adequate.

Movie starts off in an entertaining manner, quickly moves to the main subject and first half of the movie is good and second half comedy scenes are good and climax is dragged.A concept based film and overall decent horror comedy film and after NOTA disappointment a big relief to vijay. Good openings all over for taxiwala and decent opening weekend at boxoffice.