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2019-06-28 21:18:12


Phillips confirmed he was in the process of editing Joker in March 2019. At CinemaCon the following month, he stated the film was “still taking shape” and said it was difficult to discuss, as he hoped to maintain secrecy. Phillips also stated that most reports surrounding the film were inaccurate, which he felt was because it is “an origin story about a character that doesn‘t have a definitive origin.” Brian Tyree Henry was also confirmed to have a role in the film. The visual effects were provided by Scanline VFX and Shade VFX, supervised by Matthew Giampa, Bryan Godwin, with Erwin Rivera serving as the overall supervisor.

Phillips has promoted the film by posting set photos on his Instagram feed. On September 21, 2018, he released test footage of Phoenix in-costume as the Joker, with Laughing by The Guess Who accompanying the footage. At CinemaCon on April 2, 2019, Phillips unveiled a teaser trailer for the film, which was released online the following day. The trailer, prominently featuring the song Smile performed by Jimmy Durante, generated positive responses, with some commentators comparing it to Taxi Driver and Requiem for a Dream and praising Phoenixs performance.

Joker is scheduled to be released by Warner Bros. Pictures on October 4, 2019.In contrast to modern comic book films, Joker is intended to be a standalone story with no planned sequels. However, Warner Bros. intends for the film to launch a new line of DC Comics based films unrelated to the DCEU with darker, more experimental material, similar to comic imprints such as Elseworlds.

Development of a standalone Joker film was confirmed in August 2017, after Warner Bros. and DC Films decided to deemphasize the shared nature of the DCEU. Phillips was set to direct, produce, and co-write the script inspired by executive producer Martin Scorseses films Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, and The King of Comedy with Silver. Leonardo DiCaprio was considered to play the Joker before Phoenix became attached to the project in February 2018; he was cast that July, and the majority of the cast had signed on by August. Principal photography began in September 2018, taking place in New York City, Jersey City, and Newark, and concluded the following December.