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posted on 2018-11-29 03:30pm

The mobile phones in the city start to float into the sky and flock together like birds. The Government fails to reason the phenomenon and seeks the help from prominent scientists from the country. Dr. Vaseegaran suggests to reassemble Chitti as the phenomenon is beyond science and they need something as powerful as Chitti to fight against it.

First half of the movie is good and mind blowing visuals and vfx works and background score is good, and second half stadium fight scene, rajini mark style and last 30min peaks.Shankar is undoubtedly one the most talented, creative and imaginative directors in South and he has proved it again with this film. His amazing storytelling skills will make us stick to the chairs.2Point0 is going to be the ultimate showdown between the humanoid robot Chitti and the fifth force led by the crowman played by Akshay Kumar.Needless to say, the majority of 2.0s HUGE budget was spent on the VFX department. But, we can say without a doubt that this is one of the finest VFX outputs India has ever seen.

Shankar mark emotional scenes will be the highlight. The story of Akshay Kumar is heart touching. The second half maintains the same pace and Rajinikanth dialogues are superb.We can conclude that '2.O' is the biggest winner with a powerful message, beautiful performances, and exhilarating visual effects.on the whole movie is block buster and watch it in 3D.Rajinikanth and shankar is deliver another biggest block buster.